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Welcome to our new website,!

It's finally here, and we're very excited to launch our badly needed and newly revamped web site! It has been redesigned and built to be more accessible and user-friendly along with a much needed makeover. Our hope is to make navigating through our site an easier and more enjoyable experience for members and new visitors alike in obtaining info, updates, and answers to all the ongoing activites happening here at SICC.


Some of the new features on our site are quick link pages for our Bay Street galleries and our "Art by the Ferry Festival". You can now easily download membership forms directly from our site as well as keeping up to date with recurring "Second Saturday" and "Second Sunday" events. We'll also be adding features like member news and bulletin board pages that will provide specific news and announcements from individual members.


As SICC continues to grow, this site will serve as a "go to" place to keep track of information, news, and upcoming events taking place in the arts here on Staten Island. Our borough is rapidly becoming a major cultural force in our great city and SICC believes in the power of the arts in developing our human potential and enriching our communities.


Our new site will continue to develop as we get feedback from members and users with ideas for enhancements and improvements we'll add down the road. Think of it as "a work in progress" that will evolve over time. We also have a comments page if you have suggestions or would like to address any concerns for SICC in general. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you'll continue to support SICC and the arts on Staten Island!


Robert Padovano, member artist and designer for SICC

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March 2014
Saturday, March 8th
• Swing Into Spring
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Sunday, March, 9th
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Winter 2013/14
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